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This Week's Update - 27/02/2009 Print
Written by Nick Huggins   
Feb 27, 2009 at 09:38 AM

Obligatory self-promotion week!

A few years ago I managed to convince Gaelcon to let me run a game split into six parts, one for every slot at the con, morning and afternoon for three days or eighteen hours. To my surprise they agreed. The result was "The Fall" - The culmination to a story I'd inadvertently kicked off a few years earlier with a game called "Humanimus." I was aided and abetted in the development of "The Fall" by Brian Nisbet, and although it didn't turn out the way I wanted I am still immensely proud of the final result. I am still immensely grateful to the people who played it.

So this week we present the first three chapters of "The Fall", called "The Truth" (by Brian and I), "Ship in a Bottle" (by me) and "Cat and Mouse" (also by me.) We'll complete the set some future week.

In the real world, Irish con season continues apace. Hope to see you all at Leprecon XXX (that's Leprecon 30) in Goldsmith Hall, Trinity College at the weekend!

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