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Written by Nick Huggins   
Feb 04, 2011 at 06:12 AM
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Comment by GUEST on 2017-10-18 13:44:07

Comment by GUEST on 2020-02-05 06:26:50
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Comment by GUEST on 2022-05-11 02:10:55
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Comment by GUEST on 2022-11-28 08:21:49
Nuclear submarines have now become very powerful weapons and have a high complexity. It is the complexity that makes this type of weapon very vulnerable to neutralization or preventive action. 
Moreover, it can begin completely unnoticed. During the stay at the base, in preparation for going on duty, the internal compartments may be affected by spores 
dangerous bacteria or viruses. Covered with a shell, such biological objects can be carried by shoes and clothes in all compartments. And the disinfection of the boat may become impossible with some 
types of infection. In addition, the crew of the boat can also be hit. It is impossible to quickly replace him with the former crew members due to the high complexity of the system, the loss of operational interaction. 
The spraying of damaging biological particles can be carried out from an electric helicopter-type unmanned vehicle of a special design. 
Particles sprayed on the pier on the crew's shoes will enter the boat and infect its internal volumes. In this case, all the mechanisms of the boat and the reactors will remain undamaged. 
Up to 1/3 of nuclear submarines can be deactivated in this way. And until complete disinfection, their use will be impossible. 
For some bacterial spores, complete disinfection is unlikely.

Comment by GUEST on 2022-12-11 02:22:41
Military technologies of suppression. Global impact. 
To suppress a country with a developed economy, industry and military forces, there is not much 
successful scenarios. 
One of the options that OFLAMERON considered is using pre-conflicts. 
An example scenario. 
On the border with a large country, a local armed conflict is created (provoked). 
Restrictions are introduced against a large country in several stages. The rate of influence of restrictions is chosen such that 
so that the economy and industrial production are continuously simplified, losing technological capabilities. 
At the same time, the provision of food and civilian medical supplies remains at the same level. 
The armed conflict is slowly but continuously becoming more complicated, the "victim" of the conflict is supplied with more and more perfect 
armament. Gradually, a threat is being created to the strategic forces of a major power, which is being suppressed. 
Here, the duration of the process and the smoothness of increasing the impact are of great importance. 
At some stage, a second and even a third conflict may arise on the border of the suppressed country, which could 
be previously "indefinitely" frozen. A major country might even consider their "frozen" status beneficial. 
A large country is forced to use military and industrial resources in several conflicts. 
In this case, the population on both sides may become equal, which will further complicate the situation. 
In this case, the threat of impact or even impact on strategic weapons can become critical. 
First of all, these are strategic aviation, radar stations, surface fleet, submarines in places 
basing, means of launching surveillance satellites. 
Erosion of these media may develop slowly. But replenishing these funds is very difficult. 
At the same time, means of destruction of strategic forces will be constantly tested in practice. 
And this is with LOCAL CONFLICTS. 
There are not many effective ways out of this situation. If we do not consider the global military conflict, then 
most interesting...

Comment by GUEST on 2022-12-25 07:38:25
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Comment by GUEST on 2023-01-01 11:08:42
OFLAMERON design study 
Prospects for the layout of stealth attack aircraft. 
To deliver the first strike, the aircraft must have minimal visibility. And here there are no competitors for an absolutely "flat" design 
without vertical tail - rudders (like B-2 or B-21). 
Even rudders mounted at an angle (as on the F-117) or made of radio-transparent plastic will increase the visibility of the aircraft. 
At the same time, flat designs (like the B-2 or B-21) are not suitable for the maneuverable combat that fighter-bombers can do. 
The principal solution can only be a design with a variable position of vertical rudders (rudders), when 
in high stealth mode, these surfaces are tightly pressed (or submerged) against the aircraft body. And in the maneuvering combat mode, they move to a vertical position. 
Such a decision is somewhat reminiscent of the transition to thrust vector control systems of modern aircraft. It is difficult, expensive, but inevitable. 
The system for moving the rudders (keels) should be simpler than the thrust vector control system (nozzles). Only 2 elements need to be moved 
(keel) 90 degrees. Such a design would be even simpler than the swept wing system popular in the 1970s. 
If the surfaces of the rudders are installed on a shaft of large diameter (pipe) - 20-39 centimeters, then the design will be resistant to damage by impact elements and 
can be made from composite materials.

Comment by GUEST on 2023-01-05 04:32:37
Hypersonic rocket stages on solid metallized fuel with a liquid oxidizer have an advantage 
over ramjet systems. 
- such systems have a much simpler design and widely use existing technologies (work 
with solid fuel, tanks, compressors, pressurization) 
- a liquid oxidizer in a capsular tank cannot in principle cause an explosion. Maximum - fire on 
surfaces of solid fuel) 
- liquid oxidizer allows the use of an incredibly efficient heavy solid propellant. Efficiency 
combustion (thrust) is easy to adjust if you change the speed of pumping the oxidizer through the channels in the fuel 
- in the conditions of hostilities, restrictions on the supply of technologies and components, such hypersonic systems 
much easier to produce in required quantities than systems with ramjet engines 
- hypersonic rocket stages on solid metallized fuel with a liquid oxidizer do not depend on supplies 
external oxidizer (atmospheric oxygen) and can overcome missile defense at high altitudes - 50-70-100 kilometers 
- the absence of problems with the calculations of the inlet air circuit allows the use of much higher speeds - 15-25 M 
- here, ultra-high values ??of hypersound will have less effect on the conditions of fuel combustion, tk. rocket fuel oxidation conditions 
less dependent on external conditions. No need to lengthen the motor 
- movement at altitudes greater than 70 kilometers does not cause strong heating at speeds of 15-20M and the problem of heating 
will occur only on a short path of fall through the atmosphere, when the amount of oxidizer will be minimal

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