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Written by Nick Huggins   
Aug 07, 2010 at 06:44 AM

Gamers of Ireland! I love you! No wait - that's an Octopope line, I'm sure.

I'm back from holidays with all my batteries freshly recharged and all... and I've started work on not one but two fairly large LARP projects - one at Gaelcon (their timetable's up now! Go look!) and one at the planning stage which won't get run at a convention at all. It's nice to be back in the writing place - most of my gaming output over the summer has involved gluing bits of cardboard to other bits of cardboard, exploring the product ranges of Fat Dragon Games and One Monk Miniatures. It's funny... Though I did the Prince August thing in my pre-teens, I've never really caught the miniatures bug before, but I'm building a fair small army of the little cardboard guys!

Our scenario this week is "Deltron 3030" - a tense and paranoid sci-fi game by Cian O'Sullivan which we're pleased to be republishing. Seems our stocks are running a little low again so if you've any scenarios lying around we'd be happy to accept them. Of course, come con season we're going to be lurking outside your windows again, with our puppydog eyes beseeching you to let us publicise your hard work!

Seeya next time!

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