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This Week's Update - 19/03/10 Print
Written by Nick Huggins   
Mar 19, 2010 at 09:02 AM

O hai! Well Leprecon happened and it was awesome - you can hear all about it on the Adventuring Party podcast, where not only do they describe what happened, but do it in reverse chronological order (which hurts my head.) We was there running our games, and this week you can read up on Noirin's game "The Quest for the Blue Rose", fresh from the con!

In other news, we're still busily (and slowly) sprucing up the "Search Scenarios by System" section of the scenario bank. You'll see lots of new categories being added in there to better allow folk to find what they're after. We've added a couple of dates to the calendar - Bro-Con in July and Vaticon... the week after next, out in University College Dublin. We're not sure how that one escaped us for so long! One or other or both of us will be at both cons - I'm hoping to be running something at Bro-Con. Hope to see ye all at both!

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