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This Week's Update - 15/01/2010 Print
Written by Nick Huggins   
Jan 15, 2010 at 07:15 AM

Happy new Year! So we're back after our Christmas break - which turned into quite a long break - with a small update this week. Firstly, you should find a scenario by Tad Cantwell called "The Return of Blacula" in the scenario bank. Secondly, a friend of Noirin's (dunno who) suggested that we start a "search by game" option on the scenario bank. You'll find that implemented now, and we'll be adding the tags on our archive slowly but surely over the coming weeks. Thanks, unnamed friend-of-Noirin!

Also... WARPCON. Don't say we didn't tell ya!

User Comments

Comment by GUEST on 2015-11-22 04:57:25
" 即係個關鍵係 Web2.0網站所聚集既人流 必須係好清晰對某一種商品有興趣既potential customer 個網站先至會有價值 裡面既人流 先至會有機會消費從而將人流轉化成盈利 "非常認同你呢個睇法. 我認為而家搞網或任何生意, 要的不是量, 而是專. 不是要 one off trdniag, 而是 long term consumption. 只要你 gather 到一班長期用戶, 想到一個佢地會長期幫襯你的生意, 你便成功了. 人流, 在網上世界裡不再是成功的 indication.

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