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This Week's Update - 30/10/2009 (belated) Print
Written by Nick Huggins   
Nov 01, 2009 at 06:16 AM

Sorry for the late update! Halloween, post-Gaelcon, that sort of stuff... fill in your own lame-ass excuse here.

So Gaelcon came and went, and we all had a lovely time. Find out how much fun our Natural20 had in this week's article here

Of course, we've been busy bending scenario writers to our will and trying to siphon as many of the scenarios from the con out of them as possible! This week we present a scenario by a writer new to this site but not to the Irish Gaming Scene - Niamh "Noodle" Carey! Niamh's a tabletop writer, LARP writer, GM and con staffer with more enthusiasm in her little finger than this old fart has in his little finger. We're proud that she sent us "Ditches & Delph" which you can find here!

Con season is now upon us, and it's Dominicon next on the list. Dominicon has been for the past couple of years the one that I bring my son to, so perhaps we'll see you there!

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